Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Automatic Pencil

For several months I have been on the hunt for a good highlighter to use for marking scripture verses in my Bible. I have always been extremely leery of using highlighters in Bibles due to the bleed through commonly experienced with using them. There are several online "Christian" retailers who market bible highlighters; however, most of the ones I looked at seemed to have mixed reviews. After a month or so of looking around I found the Pentel Arts 8 Colour Automatic Pencil online at Amazon.  

I have been using this Pentel pencil extensively since purchasing it and I have grown to like it a lot. At first I was skeptical about using coloring pencils in the same manner I would use a highlighter, but have since become a fan. The pencil is well built and feels pretty sturdy in the hand. It comes with eight different colors that are housed in the pencil much like bullets in a revolver with a cylinder that contains one color per chamber. When you want to use a specific color you rotate the black clip over the chamber with the color you desire and press the yellow button at the top which drops it down for use. The colors included are dark blue, light blue, brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, and green. So far my least favorite colors are the light blue and pink due to the color showing up rather light on the verse I want to highlight. All of the others work great though the green and yellow are a bit difficult to tell apart if used on back to back scripture passages.

Left to Right: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red

The biggest pro to using this pencil as a Bible highlighter is there is literally zero bleed through - really! I have used every color this thing offers and have not detected the faintest amount of bleed through on the other side of the page. The biggest con to using this pencil is it isn't cheap. On Amazon the pencil itself ran me $14.37, which is on the expensive side. The pencil also requires refills of the color pencils, which costs just under $12.00. I am not sure how long the initial pencil lead will last me, but I'll take a guess and say this isn't the cheapest option out there as far as colored pencils go. However, cost aside I am very pleased with this Pentel pencil and have even purchased one as a gift for my mother-in-law. If you happen to be looking for the perfect highlighter/pencil to use for your Bible I encourage you to check out the Pentel Arts 8 Colour Automatic Pencil (PH158BP). It's worth it!

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