Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bible Review: Allan Longprimer Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition

A few months ago I pre-ordered two of the R. L. Allan KJV Longprimer Diamond Jubilee bibles from and I came home this afternoon and found them on my doorstep. At last the wait is over. These are the first R. L. Allan bibles I have purchased. I bought one of them to commemorate the birth of my son Nathaniel (DOB 10/04/12) and plan on giving it to him when he gets older. I'm not sure what I'll do with the second one I purchased. Due to the limited number of these produced (only 60 of them) I went ahead and purchased the maximum number allowed per customer, which was two.

The Bibles Direct website posted this description of them:

To celebrate 60 years since the Allan Oxford Longprimer KJV edition was first printed in 1952, we are proud to publish a very special edition of this fine Bible setting, limited to only 60 copies.
Bound in smoke grey buffalo grain leather and full yapp edges, grey leather linings and double silver lines inside, with three ribbon markers in red white and blue, blue/white head and tailbands. Blue under silver gilded page edges, silver embossing.

Printed on writeable india paper with Presentation pages, dictionary of proper names, subject index, concordance, 32 pp lined writing paper, 16pp of Oxford Bible maps.

Each Bible will be individually marked 1 - 60 with the company seal.

Page size: 8 3/4 x 6 inches : 1 1/4 inch thick ( 222 x 152mm)

Type size: 11 pt bold


These really are beautifully made. The layout for these are the same as the other Longprimer editions and the grey and silver color scheme is very attractive. The three ribbon markers are a nice and unique touch as well.

If you didn't get a chance to place an order for one of these while they were available contact me and perhaps I will be willing to part with one of the two that I have.

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