Monday, April 16, 2012

Bible Review - TBS Windsor Black Calfskin w/ Zipper (KJV)

The bible up for review today is the Trinitarian Bible Society's windsor text black calfskin which features a  zipper. If you are familiar with the Trinitarian Bible Society (TBS) then you know that this bible is the King James Version (KJV), as they do not publish any other translation versions of the bible.

I purchased this bible last month when looking for a new "travel bible" to take with me to church, the coffee shop, work, or wherever else I might be able to carve out time to read and meditate upon God's word. The primary criteria I had in my head when considering all the KJV bibles available was I wanted something durable and easy to carry around with me. Once I had a half dozen contenders in mind I applied my secondary requirement, good readability and best bang for the buck, which left me with this TBS bible. This is the first TBS bible I have ever purchased and I ordered it from for $32.30.

Here are some of the other specifications of this bible:

  • Quality Sewn Binding
  • Two Ribbon Markers (Black)
  • Black Letter Edition
  • Standard Text with No References
  • Page Size - 7.5" x 5.25"
  • Model #: 9781862283411

Table of Contents

The black calfskin leather on this bible is moderately flexible with a course grainy texture to it. This bible is not the softest and most supple bible I own, but neither is it the firmest either. I place it somewhere in the middle. I was initially a little skeptical of how I would like the zipper feature, but after using this bible for a while now I have grown to like it. The zipper zips very easily and to date it has not snagged or had any other issues when opening/closing the bible. The only minor thing to note is that the ribbons hang long and need to be tucked out of the way when zipping up.

This bible was printed and bound in Belarus. The sewn binding is nice and tight; however, the paper, which is gold gilt edged, is thin bible paper with a fair amount of bleed through. The print though is nice and dark throughout and while the text size is relatively small it is still very readable indeed. Due to the thinness of the paper and the compact font size I have refrained from taking notes or highlighting in this bible. If I feel inclined to take notes I use the bulletin or a separate sheet of paper. I know for some the lack of space in the bible for notes might be a show stopper, but for someone like myself who is reluctant to take notes in most of my bibles I don't take issue with this. The only criticism I have on the quality of the paper and the printing is that it seems like it transfers a small amount of ink to my fingers if I run my fingers over the verses with a little pressure. While it is not so bad as to be comparable to a newspaper it is enough to make me cognizant of how I handle the pages.

For the most part this bible will lay flat when open; however, if on one of the first or last few books of the bible it will not lay flat on its own. Additionally when handling this bible in church I usually need to hold it with both hands unless I'm somewhere smack in the middle.

Overall I am happy with this bible. The quality of the craftsmanship exceeds the dollar amount spent by far. The only possible contender to this might be the Cambridge KJV Pitt Minion Pocket Reference in French Morocco, which runs around $33.00. However, I have not held the Cambridge in my hands and do not know how the two stack up against each other.

Would I recommend this TBS bible? - Absolutely. The Trinitarian Bible Society did a good job with this bible. I am happy with my purchase.

May God bless you richly!

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