Friday, November 16, 2012

New Book Purchase: "Theonomy in Christian Ethics" by Greg Bahnsen

Last week I purchased Greg Bahnsen's book titled "Theonomy in Christian Ethics" from Amazon. I had searched high and low on the regular online book stores I normally shop from and couldn't find it, so I headed over to Amazon where they had 9 copies left in stock.

This hardback book is published by Covenant Media Press and is in its 3rd edition of print. This particular edition is the 25th Anniversary Multimedia Edition and also comes with a CD that has PDF versions of this book plus the books "By This Standard", "No Other Standard", "House Divided", articles and a resource catalog. If that weren't enough there are also 20 MP3 lectures by Greg Bahnsen on subjects related to theonomy.

Greg Bahnsen's book "Theonomy in Christian Ethics" is over 500 pages and is divided by the below contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Abiding Validity of the Law in Exhaustive Detail
  3. Pharisaism Reproved
  4. The Law's Inability to Justify and Empower
  5. The Integrity of the Law
  6. Messianic Obedience and the Atonement
  7. Sanctification by the Holy Spirit
  8. Covenantal Unity
  9. The Ceremonial (Restorative) Law
  10. Alleged Negative Passages
  11. Theonomy and Grace, Faith, Love
  12. New Testament Substantiation of the Thesis
  13. The Functions of God's Law
  14. Theonomy vs. Autonomy
  15. Latent Antinomianism
  16. The Responsibility of Civil Magistrates
  17. The Magistrate in the Older Testament Israel
  18. The Magistrate in Nations Surrounding Israel
  19. The Civil Magistrate in the New Testament
  20. Separation of Church and State
  21. Penology
  22. Summation
  23. Our Duty to Promote Obedience
  24. The Blessedness of the Law and the Blessing of Obedience
  25. Conclusion   

I started reading this book a few days ago in the mornings and I have covered the forward, prefaces, and I'm halfway through the introduction. I'm really enjoying this book so far, though I must say it is not easy reading. Greg Bahnsen's writing style is very academic and the content is pretty heavy and will require slowly chewing the subject matter to digest it fully.

If you are interested in learning more about God's law and the topic of theonomy I recommend picking a copy of this up from Amazon or wherever you can find it.

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