Thursday, November 8, 2012

Book Review: "A BibleTime Book" Series by Carine Mackenzie

Last month I purchased a dozen or so books from the "A BibleTime Book" series written by Carine Mackenzie. This series is published by Christian Focus Publications and each book is about 30 pages in length and focuses on a Bible story centered around a specific character of the Old or New Testament. I selected these stories with the intention of reading my three year old daughter a couple each night before tucking her into bed.

Cover of one of the books I purchased

Since purchasing these books a day has not passed without my daughter asking me if she can pick a couple books to read in bed at night. These books are illustrated and written in a way that is well suited for children needing to be read to and for children who are able to read on their own. My daughter really gets into the stories and enjoys them a lot. These books are rightfully praised for their accurate retelling of the great stories of the Bible. While these in no way should replace the actual reading of God's written word as found in the Bible, they are in fact a great tool for retelling Bible stories to children and emphasizing lessons from the Bible.

Page from Mary Mother of Jesus (sorry for the poor scan)

I have been so impressed by the "A BibleTime Book" series that I plan on purchasing Carine Mackenzie's other series "Biblewise" for Christmas this year. I highly recommend these books to parents for their children. They are sturdy and well made and cost on average around $3 per book. The best place I have seen online to purchase these are at Reformation Heritage Books and at Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service (CVBBS).

The books in the "A BibleTime Book" serious include:

OLD TESTAMENT (* are books that I own and personally recommend)

  • Esther - The Brave Queen*
  • Gideon - Soldier of God*
  • Hannah - The Mother who Prayed*
  • Jonah - The Runaway Preacher*
  • Joshua - The Brave Leader*
  • Moses - Man of God*
  • Nehemiah - Builder for God*
  • Rebekah - The Mother of Twins*
  • Ruth - the Harvest Girl

NEW TESTAMENT (* are books that I own and personally recommend)

  • John - the Baptist*
  • Martha & Mary - Friends of Jesus*
  • Mary - Mother of Jesus* (pictured above)
  • Paul - the Wise Preacher*
  • Peter - the Apostle*
  • Peter - the Fisherman*
  • Simon Peter - the Disciple*

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